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Customers who wish to send us pre-designed files can do so. If you are wanting a custom size product such as a banner then you probably already know what size you want. The document dimensions should be set up to real size in actual inches. IE: If you want a 20'x4' banner, then your pre-designed file should actually measure 240"x48". Retractable Banner Stands are 33.25"x79". A-Frame panels are 24"x36". Please do not include any bleed, leaders, crop marks, registration marks, etc. We will take care of all that. We recommend a resolution of 72-150 PPI (pixels per inch). We can accept psd, jpg, tif, pdf, eps, ai, and some other file formats. Please embed fonts and images. If you have a question about the file you are sending please contact us. If you are concerned about the color of your file, please visit our FAQ & Policies section. See the bottom of this page for how to upload your pre-designed files.
Our full color digital printing process lets us print anything we want, or more importantly, YOU want. Some people don't know exactly what they want, and that is OK! We offer free consultation services with our specialists who are not only designers, but experienced with marketing as well. Maybe you sketched out exactly what you want your layout to look like. Great, we can put that together for you! Maybe all you know is that you like the color green. Well, I'm sure we'll have advice for you on that one! So give us a call and talk to us (1-877-812-5350). It certainly can't hurt anything. We'll give you advice and even a quote right over the phone. The following is a breakdown of some design tiers that will give an idea of how we charge. Remember that you'll still need a design quote, these are just to give you an idea of what to expect.
Design 1 - Free Design 2 - $30 Design 3 - $60+
We can do very basic layout for free. Layout includes a few lines of text, a simple photo or logo insertion, and color options. Nothing fancy! Guaranteed 2 proofs. Covers basic custom work such as simple custom designs and layouts, "FX", or one simple photo cutout. Guaranteed 4 proofs. For advanced design work, complicated photo cutouts or restoration, logo creation, etc. Price depends on complexity. Guaranteed 6 proofs.

Example of a banner design for free

Example of a banner design for $30

Example of a banner design for $60

(If you are looking for stock photography for your design at a good price, please check out iStockphoto.com)
If you have a pre-designed file or other photographs/logos/etc. to be included in a custom design we'll be doing for you, you can upload those to us through our online uploading system available below. Please note in the message field some of your contact information so we can match your files with your order. Also be sure to name files in a way that makes it easy to understand what they will be used for. If you are sending content for a design we'll be doing for you, please send us the highest resolution/quality files you have available. If the files are pre-designed, please make sure they are to spec as listed at the top of this page.
Customer Submitted Content - We assume that customers have the rights to the content provided for printing (Examples: Images, logos, slogans, etc.). Better Banner Printing will not be held liable for use of any stolen or misused content.

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