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Dance & Music Studios
A special section for our Past & Present SSS colleagues!

Hey guys! We've been busy these past 10 years growing our printing business and finding new, exciting, custom products for everyone that really helps attract new students and keep them there, as well as enrich their experience.

Who knows what else we'll do with our little SSS section here in the future. Stay tuned to find out! (How do you stayed tuned you ask? Scroll to the bottom of this page and you can find a form to signup for special offers, news, promotions, reports, etc. We certainly don't share your info with anyone, and we don't send out that many emails, so don't worry about getting spammed to death!)

Hope we talk soon at the next conference!

Dave, Owner
Better Banner Printing

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Banner Frame


You can use any of our pre-designed templates for free! See below for free customization options. If you don't see what you want here make sure and ask if we can custom design it for you! Also, remember that while we try to split up templates by their ratio for products, we can probably adapt any design to fit any product... for instance if you see a banner template you like, we could probably work that into a window film design, dry erase whiteboard design, retractable stand design, etc.

(If you are looking for stock photography for your design at a good price, please check out iStockphoto.com)
Banner Templates:
Banner templates are not limited to size, color, text, or logo placement. Some "suggested" sizes for templates (if you'd like to keep the same ratio you see below) are: 20'x4', 15'x3', or 10'x2'. Ask our designers about other customization options.
Template B.01
Banner Template B.01
Template B.02
Banner Template B.02
Template B.03
Banner Template B.03
Template B.04
Banner Template B.04
Template B.05
Banner Template B.05
Template B.06
Banner Template B.06
Template B.07
Banner Template B.07
Template B.08
Banner Template B.08
Template B.09
Banner Template B.09
B.09 Silhouettes
Template B.10
Banner Template B.10
B.10 Silhouettes
Template B.11
Banner Template B.11
Template B.12
Banner Template B.12
Template B.13
Banner Template B.13
Template B.14
Banner Template B.14
Template B.15
Banner Template B.15
Template B.16
Banner Template B.16
Template B.17
Banner Template B.17
Template B.18
Banner Template B.18
Template B.19
Banner Template B.19
Template B.20
Banner Template B.20
Template B.21
Banner Template B.21
Template B.22
Banner Template B.22
Template B.23
Banner Template B.23
Template B.24
Banner Template B.24
Template B.25
Banner Template B.23
Template B.26
Banner Template B.24
Template Late 1
Banner Template B.23
Template Late 2
Banner Template B.24
Template B.25
Banner Template B.23

A-Frame Templates:
A-Frame panels are limited to a size of 2'x3'. Interchangeable panel options include color, text, or logo placement. Ask our designers about other customization options.
Template A.01
A-Frame Template A.01
Template A.02
A-Frame Template A.02
Template A.03
A-Frame Template A.03
Template A.04
A-Frame Template A.04
Template A.05
A-Frame Template A.05
Template A.06
A-Frame Template A.06
Template A.07
A-Frame Template A.07
Template A.08
A-Frame Template A.08
Template A.09
A-Frame Template A.09
Template A.10
A-Frame Template A.10
Template A.11
A-Frame Template A.11
Template A.12
A-Frame Template A.12
Template A.13
A-Frame Template A.13
Template A.14
A-Frame Template A.14
Template A.15
A-Frame Template A.15
Template A.16
A-Frame Template A.16
Template A.17
A-Frame Template A.17
Template A.18
A-Frame Template A.18
Template A.19
A-Frame Template A.19
Template A.20
A-Frame Template A.20
Template A.21
A-Frame Template A.21
Template A.22
A-Frame Template A.22
Template A.23
A-Frame Template A.23
Template A.24
A-Frame Template A.24
Template A.25
Template A.26
Template A.27
Template A.28
Retractable Stand & Outdoor Mesh Stand Templates:
Retractable Stand & Outdoor Mesh Stand prints are limited to specific sizes. (Both are almost 7' tall.) The specific ratio you see in the templates below are for retractable stands. Outdoor Mesh Stand prints are just a bit wider. Options include color, text, or logo placement. Ask our designers about other customization options.
Template R.01
Stand Template R.01
Template R.02
Stand Template R.02
Template R.03
Stand Template R.03
Template R.04
Stand Template R.04
Template R.05
Stand Template R.05
Template R.06
Stand Template R.06
Template R.07
Stand Template R.07
Template R.08
Stand Template R.08
Template R.09
Stand Template R.09
Template R.10
Template R.11
Template R.12
Template R.13
Template R.14
Dry Erase Whiteboard Templates:
Here are some neat ideas for our brand new Custom Dry Erase Whiteboards. Our thanks to those SSS members who helped us refine some of the designs and ideas, and we look forward to more suggestions. Of course, our Dry Erase Whiteboards are completely customizable just like any of our other products, so whatever teaching aid you can think of we can print. The designs below are customizable. And remember, sometimes it is nice to just have a whiteboard with your logo in the corner or as a watermark in the background.
Template W.01
Whiteboard Template W.01
Template W.02
Whiteboard Template W.02
Template W.03
Whiteboard Template W.03
Template W.04
Whiteboard Template W.04
Template W.05
Whiteboard Template W.05
Template W.06
Whiteboard Template W.06
Pre-Cutout Stock Photography:
This pre-cutout stock photgraphy is free to use in any of our templates or your own designs.
Banner Stock Photography


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